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Join our engaging and interactive online school that provides advanced basketball development knowledge, practical training, and certifications from successful industry leaders. Our courses will maximize the ability to support the goals of basketball players at ALL levels.

Benefits of BTA Courses

Learn from a global basketball development hub, where industry leaders share proven tactics to improve basketball skill training, on-court performance, recruiting, mental health, and physical longevity.

Practical Approach

BTA courses provide practical enrichment that can be applied effectively regardless of experience. Included are videos, real-world examples, and tests to challenge your knowledge.

A Solid Foundation

BTA courses help you create the optimal player-centered environment through meaningful player assessments and advanced industry knowledge. 

For your career

Whether you are a coach, skill trainer, evaluator, scout, aspiring athlete, or supportive parent, BTA courses have the tools to help you reach your highest goals!

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Improve the Basketball Assessment Process

In basketball, like most youth sports, your child's future is being determined by coaches at tryouts, trainers choosing the skills to teach, and scouts ranking them to decide if they deserve a scholarship. Despite how powerful these life-changing mental and emotional situations are for an athlete, it is often self-regulated at all stages.

That is why it is critically important that the individuals making these decisions are trained and put through a certification process to improve their ability to assess and evaluate a basketball player and justify their judgment.

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